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Sound & Vision - DIY Music Promotion Course

Getting heard in the music market can be pretty challenging and truth is that talent alone without visibility won’t get you very far. But here’s some good news for you! Today you can learn in this music promotion course that how to create an outstanding branding and marketing strategy to promote your music, and find your way out of the crowd!

If you’re feeling lost in the ocean of the ‘too many acts and too many releases’ that is the music jungle of our digital world, frustrated for not finding the way to get your music heard in this overcrowded music market, confused by too much information and deceived by so many scammy offers by makeshift self-proclaimed gurus that came out of the blue…

Well, you’re not the only one. And here’s an easy answer for you.   

Welcome to the Sound & Vision Academy, a special programme designed to help emerging, DIY, independent artists find their way out of the crowd in the music market.

Artists like you who want to make it in music, but don’t know where to start, artists like you that need guidance and deserve trustworthy professional support in their promotional efforts but don’t have a huge budget to invest.

Here’s a full-immersion, practical, music promotion programme to learn the art of branding and marketing your music project, a proven formula to get yourself a plan of action and implement it for tangible results, a low-cost solution for premium high-end value.

A DIY-with-us formula to guide you through your promotional journey and Make Your Music Visible, Get Your Music Heard.

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