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Music Success Formula

Free online masterclass

Coming soon. Limited spots available, pre-book now!

Learn how to stand out in the music market, with the proven techniques and key foundation used by the most successful artists!

Are you a music artist struggling to find your way to success?
Even world famous artists were puzzled by the same challenges, before theY actually made it…
✨ How can I get my music heard?
✨ Why is my career stuck despite all my efforts?
✨ Is there a place for me in the music market?
How do I promote my music in a effective way?
✨ What can I do to get visibility?
✨ How can I find my audience?
✨ What do I need to I change to make real progress?
✨ How can I make the world aware of my talent?

Would you be surprised to know that lots of hugely different artists shared exactly the same success formula on their way from uncertain first steps to platinum albums and stadiums full of raving fans?

Now you can use the same formula too - and give a massive boost to your music career!

Join our next FREE online Masterclass, and make your breakthrough in music!
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Meet Your Mentor - Jeanny Ricci, Music Creative Director
✨ Founder of Sound Visionary, creative studio dedicated to Making Music Visible.

✨ Internationally-renowned industry pro specialising in branding and marketing for music. Helping artists create a memorable identity that truly represents their sound and vision, and tailor-made promotion strategies to stand out for what they are.

✨ Speaker, lecturer and mentor at major music conference festivals (eg. BBC Music Introducing Live, IMS, MaMA, the CD Baby European DIY Musician Conference, WOMEX).

✨ Tutor for some of the most prestigious music business colleges (eg. BIMM Institute, Berklee College Valencia, Musicians Institute Hollywood) and music export offices (eg. EMEE, Music Estonia, Music Export Ukraine, Musikcentrum Syd).

✨ Selected Keychange 2022 Music Industry Innovator, and Keychange 2023 Mentor

Let’s get this straight:
this is not just another webinar.

It’s a careful, evidence-based and action-oriented Masterclass that shows you a proven approach to making your music project as successful one.
It worked perfectly for the greatest, so why shouldn’t it work for you? 

Next Live Masterclass to be announced soon.
Limited spots available! Pre-book and secure your seat now!

SIGN UP NOW, change your music career forever!

Just a small glimpse into all you will get...
✨ Discover the real success formula behind some of the most amazing careers
✨ Find out what makes artists become special in such a crowded music market
✨ Learn about the actual strategies that can grow your visibility and fan base tremendously
✨ Understand how just-another-wannabe can actually turn into superstars
✨ Get powerful insights and first-hand advice from a well-renowned industry professional
✨ Take your first step to a game-changing journey for your music success

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, May 3rd – 7pm CET / 6pm GMT / 12pm EST

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. Secure your seat now!

Oh…My…GOD! The blend of elements resonates with me so deeply. I wish you could see the gigantic smile on my face right now! In this crazy world it is not often that one feels understood, but Jeanny made me feel understood. I absolutely love the creative direction.

Fugitive Moods Musician & Producer

The workshop organised for the 2nd edition of the European DIY Conference was considered by 70% of the attendants as the most useful workshop proposed. Congratulations for this result! Thanks again to Jeanny for her contribution.

Alexandre Perrin Berklee College of Music

Jeanny’s branding is changing my life, my approach to music, and bringing me such clarity. I cannot say enough good things. I am beyond grateful we crossed paths. She knows her stuff and will brighten your day.

Louissa Singer Songwriter

A fantastic company that has helped our students and alumni figure out their marketing and branding goals with one on one mentoring sessions. Working with Jeanny was a delight! She was always prepared and knew exactly how to help each individual with their project needs.

Carolann Mota Musicians Institute Hollywood
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