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Sound & Vision: DIY Music Promotion Bootcamp

Give your music career a serious boost, start building your own crowd of raving fans using the power of branding and marketing

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Meet your music industry expert: Jeanny Ricci
Founder and creative director of Sound Visionary

Hey there! With 15+ years of experience in music branding and marketing, I’ve seen hundreds of genuine talents such as yourself, whose careers got stuck for months and even years without any real progress.

Don’t get confused: those musicians were not lazy or unfortunate. They worked really hard, recorded lots of beautiful tracks, improved their skills, and seemed to be completely fit for huge success…
But they couldn’t make it.
Because they never truly focused on building a strong unique identity and creating a solid promotion strategy.

I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
That’s why I’ve gathered all the most effective tips and tricks in one place to help you push your career forward, without those distressing deadlocks along the way.
Let’s jump right in!

With our
Sound & Vision Academy
you will learn how to:


Build your unique artist identity to stand out in the music market


Use storytelling techniques to get noticed and deliver your powerful message


Present your music in a meaningful way and make it for who you really are


Explore AND SPECIFY your target audience to reach more eager listeners


Create effective content and materials to attract more attention


Set and achieve your marketing goals as a part of an effective promotion strategy
Your key result after this course:
A solid foundation of your identity as an artist, and an actionable plan on how to use it to succeed in the music market.

Get everything you need to make a breakthrough, with a limited-time offer!

A full-immersion, practical bootcamp to learn the art of branding and marketing your music project
A library of 37 videos to learn with ease and fun
A proven formula to get yourself a plan of action and implement it for tangible results
6 missions with actionable tasks and checklists to put everything into practice
A step-by-step guided course with assignments and quick wins you can use to see results right from the start
15 years of market expertise inside
A low-cost solution for premium professional value
100% online to go through at your pace, with lifetime access *

Includes 15-day Money Back Guarantee *

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Jeanny’s branding is changing my life, my approach to music, and bringing me such clarity. I cannot say enough good things. I am beyond grateful we crossed paths. She knows her stuff and will brighten your day.

Louissa Singer, Songwriter

    Working with Jeanny has been an absolute joy! Her creativity and professionalism are unparalleled, and she always goes above and beyond to encourage and empower those around her. With her organic ideas and passion for authenticity, Jeanny has truly helped my brand shine. I wholeheartedly recommend Sound Visionary’s services to anyone looking for top-notch expertise and a warm, positive experience.

    Tuulikki Bartosik Musician, Composer, Producer

      Not only was I fully understood, but the encounter between my time-worn vision and Jeanny’s new ideas created an outstanding product that continues to penetrate the market successfully and always in the right directions.

      Lorenzo Feliciati Musician, Composer, Producer

        Sound Visionary has been supporting us for over 3 years and we’re incredibly grateful for it. We got a thorough branding analysis of us as a band, very accurate and extremely helpful advice on how to improve the elements of our visual identity and creative strategies on how to be consistent in our online presence. They came up with a feasible and clear plan of action for us to stick to, in order to achieve a wholesome identity as a rock duo.

        TOMMYANDMARY Rock Band

          On top of that sweet 60% discount, I have something special for you…

          I really want you to succeed, regardless of any budget limitations you might have at this uncertain stage of your music career.

          After completing the course, you’ll be able to book a FREE 1:1 COACHING SESSION WITH ME (regular price: 95,00).

          This is a perfect opportunity for you to discuss your particular situation and get actionable advice on your current career challenges. 


          First come, first served. Make sure you don’t miss it!

          Oh…My…GOD! The blend of elements resonates with me so deeply. I wish you could see the gigantic smile on my face right now! In this crazy world it is not often that one feels understood, but Jeanny made me feel understood. I absolutely love the creative direction.

          Fugitive Moods Singer, Songwriter, Producer

            I have been working with Sound Visionary for 3 years. I feel the advice provided to be very professional and tailored to my unique situation. The services I receive far exceed what I expected. I can highly recommend Sound Visionary to any musician wanting to improve their brand image and promote their music.

            Jeff Wisnom Musician

              A fantastic company that has helped our students and alumni figure out their marketing and branding goals with one on one mentoring sessions. Working with Jeanny was a delight! She was always prepared and knew exactly how to help each individual with their project needs.

              Carolann Mota Musicians Institute, Hollywood

                Sound Visionary made an in-depth study, research and branding job for our show. It helped us bring out things we hadn’t seen and revealed what we had always dreamed of bringing to our audience. Jeanny was able to see from the outside what we were trying to bring out from the inside.

                Cesari / Bortolotti Music & Storytelling Showcase
                  SV bkg 8

                  If you are struggling to get heard today, where will you be in a few years?

                  Are you still going to be making music? Or will you have to abandon your passion due to the constant lack of success, money, and recognition of your talent?

                  As you may already see, it won’t get any easier until you empower yourself with new tools, tricks, and shortcuts on how to make yourself heard when the music market is so crowded.

                  I’m thrilled to guide you on this journey!
                  DON’T JUST DREAM OF SUCCESS –
                  SIGN UP NOW AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

                  Sound Visionary - Making Music Visible
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